January 27, 2013

Web Development

Web application development

To improve overall productivity, enhance business responsiveness, and maintain a competitive edge, many organizations are turning to the flexibility and capabilities of internet resources. Web solutions help them integrate people, processes, applications and information


Experience of full cycle web development, including:

  • Requirements analysis, creation of concepts and specs
  • Web design development
  • Rich UI development
  • Server backend development
  • QA testing (manual and automated)
  • Site maintenance
  • Search engine optimization


Web development in the contemporary world is a science and philosophy that promote specialization for the sake of perfection. Elinext experts are proficient with most of the world’s leading web technologies.

Web Technologies

 Regular Website
Cross-browser CMS SEO
* Home page
* Landing pages
* Contact page (request form)
* Admin panel
* Blog engine (optional)
* Gallery (optional)

Mobile Web
Cross-platform SEO
* Website optimized for all mobile platforms
* Corporate brand consistency
* Efficient design
* Support for all platforms
* Automatic redirection to mobile version

E-Commerce Website
Cross-browser CMS SEO
* Turnkey online shop
* Home page
* Catalog
* Shopping cart
* Integration with payment systems (PayPal)
* Product management admin panel
* Registration (optional)

Corporate Portal
Cross-browser CMS 24/7 Custom development
* Fully integrated corporate portal
* Business profitability improvement
* Integration of people, processes, applications and information inside the company
* Full business investigation and software consulting
* Optimal leveraging of human and IT assets
* Effective information management
* Highest level of security