September 23, 2012

Software Testing

Dash IT Solutions has introduced revolutionary  testing techniques to enterprise IT, demonstrated leadership in automated testing and has a successful record of coaching – we have helped many organizations adapt to Agile testing methodologies. We have highly experienced consultants passionate about testing practices and processes, allowing us to implement the right test strategy for any software project.

Many software development organizations treat testing as a mere checkpoint to be passed before taking the product live. Months of this kind of “testing” add no value to the product and the product can quickly become out-of-date. Instead of testing at the end of the development process, we integrate testing thoroughly into software development and systems management. Our own experience shows that when supported with the right processes, tools and training, integrated testing speeds up the overall delivery of software significantly. Repositioning testing at the heart of software development not only builds in quality but also creates value by striving to prevent defects before they occur, enabling developers to get feedback in minutes and regression test results in hours, and allows business to adopt testing activities which are highly aligned with their goals.

Our Service include:

Outsourcing solution:

With outsourcing solution centers in 2 countries, UK Group delivers benefits that free clients from the overhead of managing multiple vendors:

  • Outsourcing teams based in india offer software testing and QA services of the internationally acknowledged standards
  • We offers even more competitive price for outstanding quality
  • The unique and original outsourcing model allows us to manage complex projects across multiple time zones, languages and cultures to provide coordination and accountability within a robust governance framework

Automation Solution:

QA automation services provide our customers with scalable application maintenance, outsourced testing and support that accelerate time-to-market, reduce the cost of support and maintenance and improve the performance and usability of enterprise systems and applications.

Our automation expert will analyze your company  processes, application and technology then we will disuses with you which framework will benefit your company.

Our ROI calculator will give our customer how they will get benefit from our automation solution for their QA team.


We  also offer Testing Consultancy, We are based in UK, providing a range of testing services either onsite or from our offices. We are supporting a wide client base around the UK and abroad.