September 23, 2012

Software Development

Adopt, Scale and Succeed with Agile

Whether you are starting your first Agile pilot or scaling across an enterprise, We can provides you reqources to help you successfully scale and mature Agile practices in a step-wise fashion.

  • Get Agile training services on your site

For more information or to speak with an expert about the best knowledge and training for your Agile adoption, contact us .

Agile Planning

Step-by-Step Guides for Teams New to Agile Development

Agile coaches have trained many teams in Agile development. These guides use their proven techniques to help you quickly grasp the basic practices of Agile planning:

  • Agile Primer – Agile basics to get you started in the right direction
  • Iteration Planning – Learn the rhythm of committing to features in short, agile iterations
  • Release Planning – Create release plans that build confidence and respect
  • Agile Estimating – Master the discipline of estimating in an agile way

DASH IT Solution Services

Resources are available to work  on-site and off site.